Passion: The Climax

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As the passion continues, Khan sucks on Kentaro’s dick, to stiffen it. He then puts the bottom on his back, as Khan enters his boyfriend. Like before, the two stay touching and kissing one another. Rocking together rhythmically, they are oblivious to all else. After, Kentaro switches, and goes on all fours, accommodating his lover as the top goes deeper. Pulling out, Khan strokes himself and blows his load all over the bottom’s hairy groin. He then resumes kissing Kentaro all over his chest, focusing on the bottom’s sensitive nipples. A close up shot of Kentaro’s engorged head signifies that he is close. Within minutes, as Khan keeps his face buried in his lover’s upper half, Kentaro oozes out all over his shaft. The two finish this session, but as lovers, they are far from done.

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